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blue sky----trance! (wip) blue sky----trance! (wip)

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I like the feel

Its awesome so far. I really like the feeling that the bass and "cowbell" sound give to the kick. makes it feel a bit layed back and behind the beat. Gives it a nice feeling to the song. great tempo. i would love to hear this start to go into something like a progression of 4 chords and a nice soprano vocal track layed on it. nothing to encompassing on the lyrics just something to play out a bit.

Great bit so far.
btw thanks for the positive review on my track.

killerhoofd responds:

haha yeah making chords should not be a problem :)
but i dont know how to get vocals
can i download it somewhere?

many thanks for your comment :D

SpaceCakeNinja - Activate SpaceCakeNinja - Activate

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Enjoyed all of it. Especially the drop...... boooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmm!!!!

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SpaceCakeNinja responds:

:) thnx